Labobin is an innovative experience centered multi-disciplinary design agency based in Istanbul.

We create spaces and brands as treating design, development and production processes as an integral comprehension. We aim our clients to experience traditions of future within innovative solutions in our design approach.

In accordance to this movement which is created, we get people and companies ready to a predictable future.



Galata Mandırası Sokak No: 18 Karaköy

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18 Rue du Château d'Eau 75010

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Cleappy & LSM
Micro Stories

Microstories is a high-end product design collection, created by Labobin, Istanbul based multidisciplinary design studio. The collection reveals the phenomenal moments, ocurring as a result of human-nature-object interaction, with an experimental storytelling. Stories come to life through the interaction of the user. Users reach the light by experiencing this innovative storytelling form.

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